Are you SICK & TIRED of being

Uninspired, Self Sabotaging or Stuck 
in Anxiety, Depression and/or Panic Attacks?  
These are the classic stages of Spiritual Disconnection caused by 
unconsciously cycling through Survival Mode...

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Session with Traci Trimble, PhD

Are you ready to STOP feeling sick & tired all of the time
 but not sure if that is even possible?
What if I told you YES, yes it is...


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WHAT DOES THE "Soul Reading Session" Include?

  • 45-minute private 1-on-1 LIVE via Zoom Session with Traci Trimble, PhD
  • ​​Bioenergetic Cellular Memory reading of your Divine Assignment 
  • ​A FULL explanation of your specific spiritual disconnection - UNINSPIRED, SELF SABOTTAGE and/or ANXIETY/ DEPRESSION
  • ​Navigation Type & True Energy Type
  • ​Q&A
Hi, there. Traci Trimble here... 
I am a Doctor of Energy Medicine. I specialize in Metaphysical Psychology, specifically in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Panic.

As a Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Bioenergetic Therapist I am on a mission to bring awareness to the human disease called Spiritual Disconnection.
Spiritual Disconnection steals your life force energy which put you in Survival Mode. Most of the time you do not even know that it is happening because it is so deep in your unconscious. Even so, Spiritual Disconnection leaves you feeling generally Uninspired, this soon shifts into Self-Sabotaging habits and beliefs and finally results in Anxiety, Depression and/or Panic attacks.

The end result is that your body and your mind go into Survival mode. This results in physical pain, emotional and mental instability and most significantly your ability to trust your own intuition.

Not Sure?  Tell me if you can relate to one of these two scenarios...

1.  You have an amazing life that YOU KNOW you should be grateful for, but you're losing sleep wondering WHY you cannot just be happy.  It seems near impossible these days and it does not seem to be getting any better!
2.  You've tried EVERYTHING, but it led to even more lack of inspiration, self sabotage, anxiety and depression than you can handle. You know "there has to be more to life than just this", but have NO idea how to empower your own Self! 

Either way, you find yourself wondering...

  • ​How am I going to STOP feeling sick & tired all of the time?
  • ​Why am I on this rollercoaster of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions?
  • ​What if I cannot take my power back; what if  I am just not worthy of being happy?
  • ​Maybe there is no hope for me... 

Let’s ditch all the past doubt, frustration, struggle, overwhelm, anger and worry; let's skip right to the good stuff (aka the answers!). 

YES -- the Spiritual Reset will TEACH you why you are feeling sick & tired all of the time

YES -- the Spiritual Reset  will  EXPLAIN the cause of your negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions

YES -- the Spiritual Reset will give you TOOLS to take your power back



Let me show you the first ACTION REQUIRED in taking 
YOUR power back... CHOOSE YOU!


Step #1. Click on BOOK MY APPOINTMENT NOW and you will fill book your 1-on-1 Private session with Traci Trimble, PhD (These sessions are LIVE via Zoom). 

Step #2. Join the private Facebook Community called Exploring Energy Medicine where you will not only be a part of a group of like-minded people you will also have access to on going educational and support tools... 

Step#3.  Take me up on the incredible offer and SHOW up or you at your appointment, I guarantee it will change your life!

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