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Soul Healing Protocol
with Traci Trimble, PhD

A Spiritual Journey from HURT to HEAL
for Adults Creating Freedom from Anxiety, Depression and/or Panic Attacks.

Included in the step-by-step  22 week program called Soul Healing Protocol:

  • A series of educational lessons taught by Traci Trimble, PhD; designed to create Self Awareness  without Judgement; to prepare Ego for the bioenergetic emotional trauma release process (BETR);
  • ​Five (5) One-on-One  Energy Medicine treatments called BETR, designed to deprogram your FEAR stories out of your bioenergetic field;
  • ​One (1)  channeling session to reveal your Love Stories;
  • ​Twelve (12)  sessions  designed to reprogram your LOVE stories into each of the most important areas of life;
  • ​A variety of Energy Medicine Downloads and Guided Meditations;
  • Custom Designed Journal templates and prescribed homework;
  • A Private Facebook Community and two (2) weekly 90 minute Coaching calls 
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